Monday, June 27, 2011

Left Unsaid

Left Unsaid played their like 800th annual reunion show on Saturday night. Okay, I'm joking, but I have seriously lost track at this point how many times this has occured. Before we dive into the details of the show, let me give you some background on Left Unsaid.

Left Unsaid was my favorite local band. They stood out amongst Albuquerque bands. Their pop-punk anthems are undeniably catchy, and inspired me as a young lad to play music. I can remember jamming to Left Unsaid songs (especially "Bottle Rockets") in my bass player's garage in the 9th grade. I remember hearing songs like "Dresden" on the local radio station, The Edge. I always admired that Left Unsaid could generate that big of a buzz in Albuquerque. They helped blaze the Duke City pop-punk trail, and made way for all the rest of us.

We were thrilled to learn that Left Unsaid were playing yet again at the Launchpad. They have every couple of years since they broke up and it has always been a good show. We showed up to the Launchpad Saturday night and were absolutlely taken back by the amount of people there. I have been to the Launchpad so many times and I have never seen such a large crowd. It was hard to even see the band because crowd streched all the way back to the bathrooms. The crowd was also unusually drunk, and it was getting pretty annoying.

As for Left Unsaid's set, they played excellent, when they were playing. In an hour set they must have played only like seven songs. They just talked and talked and talked. All the excesive mouth-running aside, Left Unsaid played an awesome, yet short, set. Starting with "Paper Dolls" and ending with "Dresden". Midset highlights included "Bottle Rockets" and a cover of Bad Religion's "Better Off Dead". I would definitely recommend catching next year's episode of "The Left Unsaid Reunion Show".

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  1. Nice. Too bad we had to miss. Hopefully we'll catch next year's show and they'll play more songs.